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We offer all natural Products to support Whole Body Wellness. We only use natural 100% Organic ingredients and all our products are handcrafted in small batches without the addition of any preservatives or fillers.We source best quality whole herbs which have been harvested at the right time to preserve their potency and beneficial compounds. Our formulations are mainly based on the knowledge we derive from the ancient science of Ayurveda, which is the holistic alternative science from India and is believed to be more than 5000 years old. Your Wellness is our priority!

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Greetings and Welcome! I’m Alka :)

I am a devoted meditation and healing practitioner constantly learning from everyday experiences as life unfolds itself. I am a Meditation Teacher and Wellness Coach, and sharing the joy of stress-free living is my passion and my purpose.

My mission is to help you enjoy a more peaceful, fulfilling, and joyous life and share a new positive outlook in dealing with stress and pain.


My training began about 22 years ago. I desperately needed to find a balance between my demanding corporate job, dedicating time for self-care and meeting my family/social responsibilities.  Even though I was initiated in Mantra Meditation (similar to transcendental meditation) by my grandmother at the young age of 13, I would practice it off and on during my earlier years and couldn’t find the time/motivation to incorporate it into my daily schedule. I had a super busy schedule and life felt like as if it was on autopilot with chock-full of activities.    


In order to deal with load of my accumulated stress, I decided to take full charge of my whole wellness and started to learn and practice various natural healing techniques. Since then I have been a dedicated practitioner of Ayurveda, Meditation, EFT tapping, Reiki and Energy Healing techniques. In the process my career took a new turn, I completed my M.D. in Alternative Medicine from India and my Holistic Health Practitioner certification in United States.


Through consistent practice, I learned that deep peace, love and joy are available to anyone who learns to tap into the infinite source of it within. In my opinion, wellness is a journey which may be successfully accomplished by our daily consistent efforts to help create health in our body as well as mind. That is the basis of my teachings and I am dedicated to sharing these techniques with you to unleash the natural healing energies sitting dormant within you. I started as a wellness coach working with individuals going through very difficult and challenging circumstances in their lives, and eventually I developed several wellness products and courses for everyone to help support their wellness regimen. For the last several years, I have been teaching these Wellness, Meditation and Stress Reduction courses to help everyone lead a more conscious, peaceful, healthy and joyful life.


My courses are designed for beginners as well as for those who have already experienced other healing techniques in their lives. Based on my 20+ years of experience practicing Meditation, Ayurveda, Emotional Cleansing and Energy Healing methods, I have selected the most effective techniques to achieve good results. As I always strive to share the techniques that yield maximum benefits with minimum practice time, my teachings can be easily integrated into everyday busy lives. It is my firm belief that anyone can create the kind of incredible inner transformation I have undergone, once they know how.


Welcome to an adventurous journey towards Self-Exploration and Vibrant Health!

Peace & Joy!

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