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I feel very relaxed after taking the Stress Relief Tea. Whenever I had the tea, I did get good sleep and felt better.

 - Cheryl S.

I enjoyed the Rejuvenation Tea very much and Whole Body Relaxation Guided Meditation is my favorite.

   - Ken G.

I felt relaxed and stress free after drinking the teas from Tea Cleanse Pack. It also helped me not eat a lot of sugar and helped me control my diet. My PMS pain and night sweating were gone after doing the 21-day Cleanse. I feel much better!

- Ekj C.

Pure and Good quality products. I'm very happy with my purchase.

  - Ting L.

I felt that it is easier for me to get to sleep after I drink the Calming Stress Relief Tea.

- Mary L.

After taking the Gentle Detox Tea for few days, bloating in my stomach and constipation were gone. I felt lighter and also noticed improvement in my acne. Soaking my feet with the Relaxing Soaking Salt was a wonderful treat!

- Flora S.

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