Events and Classes

We organize complimentary as well as paid Group Meditation Sessions, Workshops and Seminars in and around SF Bay Area. Techniques like Guided Meditations, EFT Tapping Meditations, Breathing Exercises, Mindfulness Meditations and Energy Healing Exercises are taught during these events. Admission to free events is by invitation only and you may contact us if you wish to attend any of them.

21-Day Group Cleanse Program

( October 27 to November 16 )

Repair, Renew and Recharge your Body and Mind!

Our program will help you acquire the powerful knowledge to help you purify at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You’ll have the opportunity to get rid of toxic waste, negative thoughts & dis-empowering behavior patterns. Now that we’ll be going through season change from hot summer days to cold & dry weather ahead, it is a great time to consider doing a simple Cleanse to nurture an improved sense of vitality and restore a sense of calm to the mind. As the season changes, our body also prepares internally to adapt to the changing environment. A Cleanse at this time is very beneficial to help reestablish our natural state of balance and prepare the body for rejuvenation and nourishment at cellular level. An Ayurvedic cleanse helps to draw the toxins out of the tissues and bring them into the digestive tract so that they can be eliminated by the body naturally. This is an at-home cleanse program with complete online support and you'll receive the cleanse kit prior to the start date. We'll be cleansing together as a group from October 27 to November 16, and all the participants will be connected through an exclusive Facebook group to support each other and to share everyday experiences.

Special Bonus for Early Registration!

If you feel ready to take responsibility of your complete wellness and register for the course by September 30th, you'll get the opportunity to attend a Personal Healing & Wellness Session(value $80) with me to help you overcome any issue that may be impeding your personal progress. This session will be either telephonic or distant healing based on your individual needs. 


Fall Meditation and Stress Reduction Workshop

(Wednesday, September 13 - October 18 at 7-8 pm in Cupertino, CA)

This workshop has been designed to help you manage the fast pace of your daily life with ease and provide you with the right tools to move through the maze of your thoughts & emotions in a rewarding manner. Based on Dr. Khurana's 20+ years of experience with various meditation and healing techniques, she has selected the most effective techniques to help you create your own daily meditation practice in an effortless manner. A combination of various techniques like Guided Meditations, EFT Tapping Meditations, Breathing Exercises, Mindfulness Meditations, and Energy Healing Exercises are taught and practiced during these sessions. All these techniques have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote relaxation at physical, mental, emotional and energy level.

Every week, relevant meditation tracks will also be provided to the participants for home practice.

We invite you all to give this gift of relaxation to your own self!

We have limited seats available for this workshop and the registration closes on September 7th.

Registration for this workshop is currently closed.

Summer Meditation and Stress Reduction Workshop

(Wednesday, June 21 - July 26 at 7-8 pm in Cupertino, CA)

Registration for this workshop is currently closed.

Personal Healing and Wellness session

(by appointment)

Life happens to all of us and if any situation is causing physical, mental or emotional distress in our life, unknowingly we inflict a lot of pain to our own self and disrupt the free flow of energy/life-force in our body. During such times, we may need help in finding the most effective ways to come out of the debilitating situation in a timely manner without inflicting any more harm to our own self.

If you need help in moving through any challenging situation in your life, you may consider scheduling a Personal Wellness Session for you. You'll have the opportunity to break through your limiting patterns and unleash your natural Healing Powers. Together we create a unique wellness plan for you which includes step by step lifestyle changes, diet recommendations and healing practices, which are easily doable and support your current specific needs. You are provided with the right environment and healing methods which help you channel the Divine Healing Energies, in order to bring about wellness at all levels of your existence- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through these sessions, the free flow of Energy throughout your body is restored and Joy and peace naturally begin to flow in your daily life!

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