21-Day Cleanse Program

 Course Fee: $65

 (including cleanse resources & cleanse kit)


This is an at-home cleanse program with complete online support and you'll receive your Cleanse Kit prior to the start date. We'll support you on your detoxification journey through email as well as through membership to an exclusive Facebook group dedicated for any help you may need during this phase.



Why do we need regular internal cleansing of our body?


Our body has an in-built intelligence to maintain good health as it is constantly working to eliminate any undesired substances or toxins from it. Everyday we are exposed to so many toxins in our air, water, food, cleaning products and self care products etc. Much toxic waste is also generated within the body whenever we experience negative states of mind, under stress or if there are some nutritional deficiencies in the body which lead to incomplete digestion of food. Although our body is working to expel these toxins everyday, it has a limited in-built capacity to do so. Over time, these toxins may build up in the body and affect our overall health. We may experience symptoms such as occasional fatigue, constipation, bloating, heart burn, allergies, headaches, joint stiffness, mental fog, imbalanced hormones, blemishes, acne, salt/sugar cravings etc. Therefore, it is very important for us to support regular internal cleansing of our body to be able to feel amazing all the time.


Balancing our diet and lifestyle are the foundations to good health and longevity. Our first line of action should be to try to eliminate toxic exposure from our water, food and self care products etc. by drinking purified water, consuming local organic produce and using natural cleaning and body care products. Then we should focus on eating the right diet to nourish our body and learning ways to take care of stress for balanced lifestyle. We may supplement our diet with natural herbs that support flushing of toxic waste from our internal organs. Taking whole herbs in the form of teas is the gentlest way to introduce them to our body and it is also very effective in harnessing the powerful cleansing compounds from them for supporting good health of our internal organs. When the herbs are used in their most natural form, all of their beneficial compounds that support internal detoxification process are preserved. Various herbs have a natural affinity for a particular organ of our body and they also carry the right amount of vitamins and minerals to support the good health of that organ. Use of natural herbs has always been prevalent in many cultures, since the ancient times. 


 Based on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and also supported by many studies done in modern time, we have formulated natural whole herb mixes to provide support for body’s natural detoxification processes. These herbal teas may be taken everyday along with regular nutritious diet to support natural internal cleansing as well as optimum functioning of our internal organs.

  • Gentle Detox Tea everyday before breakfast with organic raw Apple Cider Vinegar/lime juice and raw honey

  • Digestive Aid Tea everyday before lunch with organic raw Apple Cider Vinegar/lime juice and raw honey(optional)

  • Calming Stress Relief Tea every evening or at night with some organic raw honey  

The quantity and combination of herbs used in our proprietary tea blends is safe to consume for prolonged use also. It is recommended to do 21-day whole body cleansing by drinking these three teas everyday as suggested. It is also recommended that you use Epsom Salt once/twice a week for your bath/foot soaks while you are consuming these three teas. It helps to aid the cleansing process by eliminating toxins through your skin which is the largest detoxification organ of your body.

It is a good idea to consider doing this Cleanse at the time of season change in order to nurture an improved sense of vitality and restore a sense of calm to the mind. As the season changes, our body also prepares internally to adapt to the changing environment. A Cleanse at this time is very beneficial to help reestablish our natural state of balance and prepare the body for rejuvenation and nourishment at cellular level. You'll have the opportunity to repair your digestive system, renew your cellular chemistry and recharge your whole being through this cleansing process.

As part of  21-day Cleanse Program, you’ll receive the following materials to support your wellness efforts:


  • Pre cleanse instructions

  • Cleanse Kit comprising of four packs of 100% Organic Herbal Teas

  • Instructions to easily accommodate the diet & lifestyle changes during your cleanse period

  • Diet recommendations to follow during your cleanse

  • Post cleanse guidelines

  • Three Meditation tracks for your home practice to help you relax and release stress

  • Email support from me for any questions or concerns you may have

  • Group discussions and support from me and other members as well in an exclusive Facebook Group


If you are still on the fence, you may like to know about some of the positive effects that people are reporting after their 21-day detox with our program:


- Calm mind

- Leaner Waistline
- More Energy
- No more Bloating
- No more Sugar Cravings
- Brighter Skin and Stronger Hair
- Stable Blood sugar
- PMS Relief

- Stabilized Mood and Hormones

- Reduction in Anxiety symptoms
- Relaxed/Deeper Sleep


Wishing you the best on your journey towards Whole Wellness!

Peace & Joy!!


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