About Emotion Code

The Emotion Code healing technique was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It's an energy healing technique where we take all the information from our subconscious mind to release the various negative emotions trapped in our body. As we know that all of our thoughts, words, feelings and memories are pure energy, which is invisible to our eyes, but we can always feel it. If we allow ourselves to fully express any of our emotion, the emotion is truly released. However if for whatever reason we can’t express or process this emotion (maybe because it is just too intense), it can become trapped in our body and distort the energy of our amazing beautiful body. Trapped emotion can be lodged anywhere: in our organs, bones or glands, and they might cause health issues over time.


The Emotion Code healing technique has the astonishing ability to release these trapped emotions from our body. Our subconscious mind has all the information about everything that has ever happened to us. It knows what happened in the past and it precisely knows what we need to do to make our body well. During the healing session, we tap into this intelligence to get all the information about "trapped emotions" which may be contributing to the illness/discomfort in your mind/body. As the underlying root causes are released to restore the free flow of energy, the body's intelligence naturally heals itself. This results in releasing the lower vibrating energies of negative emotions, and replacing them with higher frequencies. This energy exchange makes it possible for the body and mind to come to a more peaceful and balanced state.

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