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The word "heal" comes from the same root - meaning "whole, complete" and "holy". Our body is strongly connected with our internal health maintaining intelligence, that constantly keeps repairing and healing the body. It originates in a space within our innermost being and is the common basis of all healing. We think that we are healed by various systems of medicine and therapy, whether modern or traditional, but the that is only possible with the real healer lies within us only. Modern therapy creates the environment where the internal healer gets the best possible conditions to do the healing work. No doctor ever caused a cut on the skin to repair. The inner healing intelligence directed the clotting of blood, the development of scar tissue and new skin. However, the physician may act as a facilitator and by his care some complications in the healing process may be avoided.

Our body tries very hard to put everything back in rightful place and we have to understand that the disease is not a random event, but a distinct message that we deviated from the path of connecting with our true self. Whenever, we are not in compliance with our environment, or we don't feel at ease with some external conditions, we start putting stress on our internal system. Slowly we start developing some illness, which is simply our body's natural effort to get rid of some unwanted internally felt dis-ease. So, whenever we feel physically unwell, there is some obstruction in the internal energy flow of our body. These obstructions are created when some biochemical products start accumulating in the body   at a specific area. This happens because every emotion generates a biochemical energy in the body, and these end-products of emotions affect the internal functioning of the body.

The wisdom of Vedas identifies pain as an obstruction to the free flow of energy within and source of all disease is indigestion. This indigestion is physical as well as mental and emotional. So, whenever, there is any stuck emotional input in our mental-emotional body, it manifests itself as pain in our physical body. So, we have to process (digest or eliminate) all such stored emotions to attain the state of good health and wellness. Without releasing such stored energies and just taking medication for physical relief, may result in better physical health for short time only , since the problem still exists in the emotional body. For example, if there is an emotional problem within, it manifests itself as a coronary heart disease. Now, when we perform surgery, it repairs the physical body and creates more suitable conditions for us to understand the underlying emotional distress and deal with the root cause of the illness.

We have to understand how emotional energy works and how Energy Healing deals with it. Ancient healers also explored these areas and shared their findings based on their observations.The Sanskrit word 'Prana' refers to the vital, life-sustaining force of living beings and vital energy according to ancient Hindu scriptures. The Chinese have a similar concept of a life force called Qi or Chi. Dr. Usui of Japan, rediscovered the art of energy healing as Reiki meaning universal life force energy. Energy healing practitioners are able to transcend the physical self and are able to deal with the emotional, mental and spiritual energies to heal the individual at all levels of existence.

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