Reiki Healing

Reiki is a powerful system of healing that utilizes specific techniques for restoring and balancing the natural life force energy within the body. It is a holistic, natural, hands-on energy healing system that touches individuals on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. During a healing session, the practitioner acts as a conduit for the Reiki energy, much the same way a hose carries water.

The "Usui System" of Reiki Balances and strengthens the body's energy promoting its ability to heal itself. Besides the obvious use in serious illness, Reiki promotes the natural healing process in many other areas. These include sports injuries, cuts, burns, internal disease, emotional disorders, and stress-related illness.

Beyond the physical effects, Reiki also awakens the various vortices of the subtle bodies known as “chakras”, opening the individual to higher potentials. For this reason it is also used to aid spiritual growth.

Reiki began in Tibet over two thousand years ago. In ancient times seers in the Orient studied energies and developed a system of 'attunements', sounds, and symbols which allowed them to bring great amounts of universal healing energies through them for healing.

Various healing systems, including Reiki, which crossed many different cultures, emerged from this single root system. As with many of the spiritual practices, and teachings of Tibet, these healing systems were a blend of both ancient oriental knowledge, as well as the teachings and wisdom of the yogic schools of ancient India.

For centuries this body of healing knowledge was safely guarded by monks and lamas of eastern temples, and secret esoteric schools. It was not until Master Usui began his life long quest to discover and bring this form of healing to the world that Reiki re-emerged as a healing art.

Reiki is taught today, as it was in ancient times through a series of attunements, which can only be given to a student through a Reiki master. Through this process, the student's energy centers, and channels are opened, and he is taught how to bring through life force energy, to heal him, as well as others.


Reiki, as a pure form of divine life energy, flows through the entire being. Reiki Practitioners act as facilitators for this energy, which naturally flows to where it is most needed. For this reason, each individual's experiences of a Reiki Session are different. In general, however, most people find the following on the physical, emotional, and spiritual Levels:

  • On the Physical Level, Reiki balances and replenishes the life energies of the physical body, aiding the process of healing. Reiki not only deals with the physical illness, however, but also the state of the soul. As every physical illness, or life condition, in some way, relates to a condition within consciousness, as well as the physical body, and reiki session often work to bring about a transformation in both.

  • On the Emotional Level, Reiki brings the higher self into connection with the personality, releasing emotional blockages, and bringing peace and harmony. Often deeply held emotional hurts, which color perceptions of reality are released during or after a Reiki Session, bringing the individual back to a more balanced emotional expression of self.

  • On the Spiritual Level, Reiki opens us up to the expression of our higher self, allowing us to discover all we can be, and the deeper meaning of life. As reiki opens the various chakras, it also opens us to a deeper awareness of self, and often works as a catalyst for spiritual growth.

Most people find that there is a marked improvement in their intuitive abilities after several sessions. Those who undergo reiki attunements also find that it works to awaken the various psychic abilities and spiritual virtues that are associated with the awakening of the various chakras.

Attunement Process

One cannot simply read about Reiki and learn how to do Reiki. It is more like a talent that is bequeathed to others. This is what the attunement process is for. The Reiki attunement gives people the ability to do Reiki by opening up the upper chakras and preparing the student to channel Reiki energy.  

There are three levels of Reiki attunement:


  • The first level enables the students to access the Reiki energy and heal themselves and others by channeling the energy through their hands. Several hand positions have been developed to heal the entire body.

  • During the second level attunement, students get access to the sacred symbols. These symbols carry power only after the completion of the attunement process and no one can make use of them without getting the attunement. These symbols can be used to increase the flow of Reiki energy, heal emotional behavioral patterns/addictions, and perform distance healing.  A Reiki-II practitioner can send healing to any person/situation without being physically present there.

  • The third level of Reiki attunement is divided into two stages. The first stage is to gain access to the sacred master symbol, and the second stage is to learn the attunement process to become a reiki master.

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