Benefits of Meditation

May 10, 2016


"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."




Meditation is a state of intense awareness achieved by stillness of our thoughts. It's a journey to the center of own being, and experiencing our natural state of expanded awareness. Meditation helps us to relax and allows us to discover truths about our own nature. Meditation is all about being completely in the present moment and letting go of any past or future. We simply have to drop all our thoughts and put aside the mental tendency to constantly worry and plan. 

We all possess three states of thinking - conscious thinking during the waking state, subconscious during deep sleep and super-conscious during self awareness.  Meditation is not a passive state of daydreaming or drifting in a subconsciousness state, rather, it brings us in touch with the super-conscious state of intense awareness. When we are able to internalize the energy of our senses during meditation, it awakens a tremendous flow of energy in our whole being. We are able to deeply relax our body and mind, and expand our sense of identity until we realize our unity with all creation. 

Meditation has great health benefits and gives us a respite from excessive stress of daily life. As we relax, our blood pressure lowers and our response mechanism slows down. We become more centered and don't react as strongly or negatively to adverse situations. Meditation has been found to strengthen the immune system and enhance the activity of "telomerase" enzyme that protects genetic material during cell division and enhances cellular viability.  Consistent meditation practice fosters improvement in emotional well-being and helps release of negative mental states such as fear, anger and worry. We inculcate more positive attitudes and show love and compassion towards every creation of God. We are able to experience the love and joy present within our self, and share it with the world around us, bringing peace and harmony. 

Meditation is an active process and requires energy and self-discipline.  It's a process where the practitioner goes through stages of relaxation, internalization and expansion. Through the regular practice of guided meditation, we slowly train our mind to get into the state of relaxation and thoughtlessness, and consistent practice eventually helps us to experience healing and expansion of awareness. 



"Oh Lord! guide us with Your eternal love and light"


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