Drop Expectations to invite Miracles

May 11, 2016


Life is a mystery which is gradually revealed as we live each moment of our life. Little kids get amazed whenever they learn or discover something new about life. They experience miracles everyday because they do not have any expectations from life. Gradually, as they begin to know more about life, they get conditioned into the habit of expecting similar results from their actions as well as from people around them. This habit of expecting presumed outcomes, restricts the manifestation of infinite possibilities.

The whole universe is dynamically creating itself. If we drop our expectations altogether, life becomes more joyful and interesting. We become natural and feel the gratitude for whatever we receive form the world. We become spontaneous and curious, feeling joyful whenever we receive any blessing. Our life becomes more action-oriented, and instead of waiting for some expected results, we start to experience miracles in everyday life. We gracefully accept every outcome, and embrace whatever life brings to us with love and gratitude.

  "May we drop all our expectations, and experience miracles everyday!"


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