Mind over Body

May 11, 2016


"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."




Our body always follows our mind and in order to achieve good health we have to take care of our body as well as our mind. Whenever, we think about good health, we think about good nutrition and regular exercise. These are definitely required to achieve good health, but in addition we need to focus on releasing negative emotions, and experiencing positive states of mind regularly. Our mind is much more powerful in influencing the internal functioning of our body. Based on our mental state, various chemicals are secreted in our body that structure the physical condition of our body. So, we constantly shape our physical well-being based on the thoughts and emotions we feel or imagine on a regular basis.


There is a natural intelligence built in our body to maintain our good health.Our body is constantly breaking the old cells and making the new ones without any conscious instructions being fed to do so. Given a chance, our body has the complete ability to recover itself from any illness. All the healing mechanism is naturally built into our system for proper functioning of our body, but sometimes, due to constant dwelling in undesirable states of mind, we disrupt our well-being and develop some kind of disease/illness. Whenever, we are experiencing any negative state of mind like fear, jealousy, anger, anxiety etc., our body automatically secretes some chemicals that have adverse effects on our internal organs. If we regularly experience or imagine  such negative states, lot of toxins get collected in our internal system that need to be cleansed to achieve good health. The tendency to disease and physical disharmony also increases in such situations. However, if we constantly dwell in positive mental states, our body automatically secretes the chemicals that help in building healthy new cells.


Meditation and Energy Healing techniques help in fostering positive states of mind and promote healing. These should be made part of our lifestyle along with good nutrition and physical exercise. We have to cleanse our mental-emotional body daily in the same manner as we cleanse our physical body. This helps in releasing of stored thoughts and emotions of anger, resentment, insult, jealousy etc. and we experience a state of pure love and joy. All the negative states are like clouds, which could be dispelled by the power of wisdom, and then we can see the light of pure love shining within all of us. Our personality can be refined through the exercise of positive mental action in the body, and this results in increase in our energy and joy of living. The tendency to disease and disharmony decreases and we become more and more perfect beings through which the limitless possibilities of the Divine within may be expressed.


"May I be safe and protected.

  May I be peaceful and happy.

  May I be healthy and strong.

  May I experience well being."

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