The Benefits of Deep Breathing

August 19, 2016






Our breath is the most important link between our physical body and spiritual energy. There is a strong connection between our breath, mind and energy. If we alter the rhythm or pace of any one of them, the other two follow along. You may have noticed that whenever a lot of thoughts are racing through your mind, your breathing pace starts to increase and your energy level starts to go down. Similarly, if we start to think about something positive, slowly our energy levels begin to increase, and our breathing also becomes deeper with a sense of calm. Controlled breathing is a very beautiful tool which can help us quickly energize and feel at peace. We can easily learn to alter our mood and energy level, just by controlling the flow of our breath! As we begin to breathe deeply and slowly, we trigger our central nervous system to relax by internally sending it the message that “I’m safe and secure.”


How to Breathe Deeply?


We must breathe in through the nose, and preferably breathe out through the mouth. As we breathe out through the mouth, we are able to relax our nervous system more. As you slowly breathe in through your nose, you may focus on the movement of your belly. It gently expands as you breathe in, and slowly contracts back while you breathe out. Do not force yourself for any such movement and let it happen naturally. You may also notice a gentle pause between your in and out breath, which you may try to increase with your regular practice. This pause is really important because during that time we are in "no-breath" state - a state of formless, omnipresent, and infinite universal energy.


Here is a beginner's tip: keep an internal count of your breathing pattern, For example, you may breathe in to a count of 8, hold your breath to a count of 4/6/8, and breathe out to the count of 8. 


To practice deep breathing, close your eyes and either stand, lie down on your back, or sit comfortably without hunching your back. Keep breathing in this manner for 5-15 minutes to experience relaxation in your whole body as well as mind. After the practice, you will experience a sense of calmness and elevation in your mood and energy level. If you are short on time, taking even 5-10 deep breaths can have very positive effect on your mind and body. Perfect for those busy days at work!


Benefits of Deep Breathing

  • It relaxes our nervous system and helps to release stress.

  • It increases the flow of oxygen to all the internal organs, thus helping them work at optimum levels.

  • It increases the flow of oxygenated blood to our brain and also triggers the secretion of “feel good” hormones. We always feel calmer after this practice.

  • By breathing deeply, we also push out all the stale air trapped in our lungs and this helps them function at their full capacity.

  • As we reduce the pace our breath, it slowly starts to relax our heart and bring down our blood pressure.

  • It has very positive effect on our cognitive abilities and induces clarity of mind.

  • It increases our energy level and elevates our mood by bringing a sense of calmness to us.

  • It enhances the process of detoxification and promotes good health.


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