How to do EFT Tapping Meditation

August 19, 2016


We practice EFT Tapping meditations to release the emotional charge associated with either the challenging situation which is bothering us or general stress in our life. Before explaining the Tapping meditation practice, I’d like to explain the position of major tapping points on the body that you’ll be tapping on during the practice. Please refer to the diagram below and note that for the points located on both sides of the body, you may use either one of them to tap on.










  • Karate Chop point is located on the side of your hand and is used to make the setup statement only.

  • Eyebrow point is located on your forehead where your eyebrow begins.

  • Side of the Eye point is located just near the corner of your eye (not at the temple).

  • Under the Eye point is located on the center bony part of your eye socket under the eye.

  • Under the Nose point is located at the center between your nose and upper lip.

  • Chin point is located at the center between your lower lip and chin.

  • Collarbone point is located under your neck near the beginning of your collarbone on either side of your body.

  • Under the Arm point is located on the side of your body about four fingers below your underarm.

  • Top of the Head point is located on the crown of your head (not at the center top of your head).



EFT Tapping Meditation Practice


To begin the practice, you may lie down on your back or sit/stand in a comfortable position. You may close your eyes and take a few deep breaths trying to breathe as slowly as possible. Now think about the most intense emotion that you may be feeling right now or try to observe all your feelings around any particular issue you are intending to work on. Based on the intensity of your emotion, try to give it a number between 0 to10 (10 being the most intense). Now start tapping with two or more fingertips of your dominant hand on to the Karate Chop point of your other hand, to make the setup statement as follows:


“Even tough I’m feeling very______(you may fill up your intense emotion here), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”


Keep tapping on the side of your hand and repeat the setup statement three times while tuning into the emotional vibration of your issue.

After making the setup statement sequentially tap on the various points explained earlier, except the karate chop point. You may tap for about 10-15 times on each of the Tapping point, while either repeating the statement “I’m feeling very ___(your issue/emotion)”, or any other statement that naturally comes to your mind.



Repeat the above tapping point sequence few times and stop after tapping on the top of your head at the end. Now take three deep breaths while breathing in through nose and forcefully breathing out through your mouth with “HA” sound. Once again think about your issue/emotion and try to give it a number based on the intensity. You may notice a decrease in the intensity number, and you can continue to tap until this number decreases substantially or comes down to zero.


You may also practice everyday with our recorded 10 Minutes EFT Tapping Meditation, to be able to experience deep relaxation and peace.












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