Meditations for Quick Stress Release

September 2, 2016


Stress is the most common concern for all of us in this busy world, but how do we deal with it everyday varies from person to person. Everyday we are struggling to find a balance between our work and family/social responsibilities. I’d like you to first assess for yourself that where do you feel the adverse effects of stress in your daily life. It might be affecting you at various levels such as:

  • Physical level

  • Mental/Emotional Level

  • Energy Level

Take a few moments of silence to listen to your body/mind and try to understand which part of you needs your urgent attention. Once you are done with this process, choose and practice any one or combination of the meditations listed below for just 5-10 minutes everyday.



Meditation to release stress at the Physical level


If constant work pressure or stress is affecting your physical body as some kind of pain, stiffness or chronic fatigue, you may practice deep breathing combined with progressive muscle relaxation technique. It helps to oxygenate the targeted muscle group and also releases the tension lodged there. It is recommended to keep your eyes closed throughout the practice and try to focus completely on your breath as well as the body part being stretched, to be able to get best results.


Start your practice with some deep breaths by breathing in through the nose to slowly fill up your abdomen, and breathing out preferably through the mouth while emptying your belly. Now mentally scan through your whole body and observe which parts of your body are in need of relaxation. It may be your arms, shoulders, neck, back, knees or legs etc. In order to release stress from any particular body part, you may tighten/stretch the muscles there with your in-breath and after a comfortable hold time you may release the stretch while breathing out slowly. For example, you may relax your arms and shoulders by making a fist and tightening the muscles with your in breath; hold the stretch with your breath and then slowly release the stretch and open your fist with your out breath. In the same manner, you may try to relax other parts of your body as well with very slow and gentle stretches synchronized with your breathing. You may also follow along with our recorded 10 Minutes Guided Meditation for Body Relaxation to achieve whole body relaxation in just 10 minutes of practice.



Meditation to release stress at Mental/Emotional level


If the stress in your life is showing up as fuzzy thinking, anxiety, constant worrying, fear etc., then you can effectively take care of it by practicing EFT Tapping Meditation. It is very effective for releasing the emotional baggage you might be carrying as well as for rewiring your brain to change your conditioned responses to stress. If you are new to tapping you may read our post How to do EFT Tapping Meditation, to learn more about the technique.


You may start the practice with some slow and deep breathing and try to observe the most intense emotion that the feeling of stress brings in you. Now, start tapping with the two or more fingertips of your dominant hand on to the soft portion on the side of your other hand (Karate Chop point) to make the setup statement as follows:


“Even tough I’m feeling very stressed right now (you may also substitute your intense emotion here), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”


Keep tapping on the side of your hand and repeat the setup statement three times while trying to tune into the emotional vibration of your stress.


After this, tap on to each tapping point on your body for 10-15 times, while either repeating the statement “I’m feeling very stressed”, or any other statement related to your stress which naturally comes to your mind. Repeat the tapping point sequence few times and then, take three deep breaths while breathing in through nose and forcefully breathing out through your mouth with a “HA” sound, as if you are releasing all the residual stress with your out breath.


You may also practice with our recorded 10 Minutes EFT Tapping Meditation for Stress for everyday stress release.



Meditation to release stress at Energy level


If stress in your life is showing up as chronic fatigue, lack of energy, unhappiness, depression etc. then, I’d recommend practicing 5-10 minutes of Guided Meditation to help you elevate the flow of life-force energy in your body.


You may begin your practice with few slow and deep breaths while trying to feel your complete awareness in the present moment. You may even repeat the phrase “I’m present here and now” few times while breathing deeply. Now, keeping your eyes closed, try to visualize a ball of soft white light just in the center of your chest. You may feel it as the God’s light/energy within you. Try to connect to this loving light and visualize that it’s slowly expanding within your chest cavity. As it expands gradually in size, feel that it is energizing each and every cell as it fills them with love and light. Let it expand further to fill up your whole body and slowly go beyond the boundaries of your body to form a cocoon of white light all around you. See yourself resting and relaxing within this cocoon of calming light and feel the waves of relaxation spreading throughout your body. Stay with this imagery for few more minutes or until you feel deeply relaxed and energized. When you feel whole and complete with this experience, seal this energy deep within your heart, and also thank God for sending this powerful healing to you. You may slowly open your eyes with a gentle smile on your face. To be able to effortlessly experience the profound benefits of meditation, you may also practice your daily meditation with one of the recorded meditations from our album “10 Minutes Guided Meditation”.


I hope that you may be able to handle the stress in your daily life more efficiently with the help of meditation techniques explained in this post. In order to experience beneficial results, it is advisable to practice any one or a combination of these meditations for 5-10 minutes everyday.



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