5 Tips to Enhance your Meditation Practice

January 25, 2017




Meditation practice is the most simple, yet powerful self-help tool which is always available to us, to help us find relief from stress in our daily life. In my opinion, it is the most effective way to strengthen our whole being. However, to be able to use it effectively in stressful situations, we need to know the super easy ways to help us get into the state of calmness.


I’d like to share a few tips here to help you establish a sound meditation practice and get beneficial results without struggle.


1. Learn to bring awareness to your breath frequently


Our breath, mind and energy are very intricately connected to each other. If we alter any one of them, the other two just follow and the easiest way to change our state is by modulating our breath. You might have noticed this sometime, if you start to worry about something, your mind begins to get loaded with thoughts; your breathing gets shallow/fast and you also start feeling weak or lack of energy. The opposite of all this happens if we are feeling happy or cheerful. Therefore, in order to get into the state of high energy, learn to focus on your breath throughout the day. Take 30 seconds to 1 minute breaks from your work and practice slow and deep breathing. This will make your mind more restful and help you achieve better results from your work.


2. Try to practice everyday


We have to make daily meditation practice an integral part of our life, in order to enjoy its benefits. The process here is just like developing any good habit in our life, may it be as simple as getting into the habit of brushing our teeth everyday. Therefore, practicing may be for short duration everyday is much more effective than longer weekly/monthly practice. I’d suggest starting with 1 minute of everyday practice and gradually adding on to it.


3. Try to allocate a space for daily practice


It is very helpful to get into the state of relaxation, if we practice at the same place everyday. Try to allocate a quiet corner at your home or workplace for your daily practice. As we grow our practice gradually, the space around us also absorbs the positive vibrations/energy we create during that time. Therefore, when we sit for our practice next time, we receive positive feedback from the surrounding environment and start to get into the state of relaxation soon.


4. Practice guided meditations


If you find it difficult to sit still, trust me you are not alone. Sometimes sitting still peacefully is the most difficult task, as our mind never stops thinking. To overcome this barrier, I suggest starting your practice with guided meditations. They help us achieve deep state of relaxation without having to struggle for it. It is an easier way to shift our awareness from multiple things to may be just one place.


5. Incorporate body relaxation techniques


Incorporating the techniques to relax your physical body is a very good way to enhance your meditation practice. Techniques like “Progressive Muscle Relaxation”, slow movements with breath, yoga postures etc. are a good way to strengthen and relax your body. Try to practice any of these first, if you are feeling any stiffness/pain in any part of your body, as you should not be distracted by them during the practice.


I wish you the best on this enjoyable journey of self-exploration and hope that these little tips will help you receive the gifts of deep relaxation and heightened awareness through your regular meditation practice.

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