How to handle Life's Challenges

March 27, 2017




Our life is a precious gift bestowed upon us by our creator. It is an adventurous journey which has unpredictable highs and lows, just like a roller-coaster ride. We are born out of love and we all live to share and experience love. We all cherish our good times and always look forward to more such experiences. However, life presents to us all kind of situations to deal with and sometimes it gets really hard for most of us to cope up with the unexpected challenges of our life. We may choose to move on either by constantly complaining about our challenges, or by gracefully accepting them as an opportunity to learn and grow. We are inherently programmed to avoid any real or perceived pain, and we constantly work towards attracting more happiness in our life. Whenever, we perceive us going through a difficult time, we start experiencing a myriad of emotions like anger, anxiety, sadness, depression etc., and we also start waiting for that time to end. However, life passes in moments and we have to completely live every moment regardless of the underlying emotions that we may be experiencing.


Based on the choices we make to respond to our problems/challenges, we impact our soul in different ways.

If we deny and try to ignore...


If we do not feel ready to accept our problems and try to run away from them, we weaken our will-power and in a way constrict our soul. As our soul begins to constrict, it affects our energy body as well as our mental/emotional body. We start experiencing lack of energy, looping thoughts and bad moods. We must understand that our challenging times are our best teachers and if we do not learn the needed lessons from them, we keep attracting more such problems till the time we start accepting them.


If we accept, but often complain about the problems...


Sometimes, it's easy for us to accept the difficulties of our life, but we keep feeling the unjust and often complain about them. We often feel that it should not be happening to us and in the process create more suffering for our own self. We do a lot of analysis and if we are not able to find substantial reasons behind our problems, we intensify our suffering more. This habit of too much focusing on the problems, may bring more physical/mental pain to us and may also torture our heart/soul in the process. It weakens our soul power and later may manifest as mental distress or disease in the physical body.



If we accept the situation as is and work on finding the solutions, without indulging in complains...


Our life is directed by the inner desires stored in our subconscious mind i.e. our “feeling mind”.  Here so many of our desires are deeply rooted, which drive us towards the various experiences of our life.  Each event of our life is extremely important for our growth and evolution. Present moment is the only time that’s real and to be lived completely. While working towards fixing our problems, we strengthen our positive virtues and weaken our shortcomings. If we focus more on the solutions rather than the challenge itself, we work towards expanding our soul and grow by becoming more wise and powerful.


Happiness or sorrow, both are transient states and the only thing that is permanent in life is, “change”. Good or bad time are just the  perceptions of our mind and here is a great Mantra to be always remembered:


“This too will pass”


Life is constantly unfolding itself, and we should try not get attached to any event of our life. If we start welcoming life instead of controlling it, nothing can make us suffer in our life. We always feel ready to accept whatever life brings to us, and lead our life with peace and gratitude.





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