1-Minute Meditations for Everyday Practice

May 31, 2017


Meditation practice may be used as a wonderful tool to relax our central nervous system and bring the feeling of peace to us instantly. All of us are so much busy with our daily activities that we keep postponing our meditation practice, even if we clearly understand it's importance. In my opinion taking just 1 minute break for your practice everyday is much more beneficial than a longer practice once a week or so. We need to train our mind and body for stillness, and consistency is the key to achieve that without struggle. No matter how busy we may be, we deserve to devote just just 1 minute our time to daily practice.


Here's an easy way of incorporating meditation practice in your everyday life:

Take just one minute break from your work, sit comfortably and close your eyes.
Now take a slow and deep breath, breathing in from your nose as if you are filling up your belly, a gentle pause there and then breathing out from the mouth as if you are blowing a candle.
A gentle pause again and repeat this breathing rhythm few more times. You'll begin to feel more relaxed after each out breath.

As you end the practice, put a gentle smile on your face and say to yourself "I'm at Peace, I'm at Peace, I'm Peace". 
Open your eyes and back to work in peace!


Here's an easy way of Mindfulness practice in your everyday life:

Use your body as a tool to consciously be 100% present in the moment.

Take just one minute break from your work and sit in a comfortable position. Now close your eyes and without making any movement, try to feel the presence of your hands. Try to feel the warmth/circulation in both of your thumbs and then sequentially scan through other fingers as well.
Do this for about a minute and then slowly open your eyes with a beautiful smile on your face.
As you completely experience the present moment, your smile becomes more natural and you bring it back to your work!

Keep smiling, it has the potential to heal a frozen heart....
Peace and Joy to you!!

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