How to support Natural Whole Body Cleansing

June 28, 2017




Our body has an in-built intelligence to maintain good health as it is constantly working to eliminate any undesired substances or toxins from it. Everyday we are exposed to so many toxins in our air, water, food, cleaning products and self care products etc. Much toxic waste is also generated within the body whenever we experience negative states of mind, under stress or if there are some nutritional deficiencies in the body which lead to incomplete digestion of food. Although our body is working to expel these toxins everyday, it has a limited in-built capacity to do so. Over time, these toxins may build up in the body and affect our overall health. We may experience symptoms such as occasional fatigue, constipation, bloating, heart burn, allergies, headaches, joint stiffness, mental fog, imbalanced hormones, blemishes, salt/sugar cravings etc. Therefore, it is very important for us to support regular internal cleansing of our body to be able to feel amazing all the time.



Balancing our diet and lifestyle are the foundations to good health and longevity. Our first line of action should be to try to eliminate toxic exposure from our water, food and self care products etc. by drinking purified water, consuming local organic produce and using natural cleaning and body care products. Then we should focus on eating a balanced diet to nourish our body and learning ways to take care of stress for balanced lifestyle. We may supplement our diet with natural herbs that support flushing of toxic waste from our internal organs.Taking whole herbs in the form of teas is the gentlest way to introduce them to our body and it is also very effective in harnessing the powerful cleansing compounds from them for supporting good health of our internal organs. When the herbs are used in their most natural form, all of their beneficial compounds that support internal detoxification process are preserved. Various herbs have a natural affinity for a particular organ of our body and they also carry the right amount of vitamins and minerals to support the good health of that organ. Use of natural herbs has always been prevalent in many cultures, since the ancient times. 



Based on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and also supported by many studies done in modern time, we have formulated natural whole herb mixes to provide support for body’s natural detoxification processes. These herbal teas may be taken everyday along with regular nutritious diet to support natural internal cleansing as well as optimum functioning of our internal organs. Although you may choose any of our herbal teas to support your health, we suggest to take following three teas together for their synergistic effect on the whole body.

  • Gentle Detox Tea everyday before breakfast with organic raw Apple Cider Vinegar and raw honey

  • Digestive Aid Tea everyday before lunch with organic raw Apple Cider Vinegar and/or raw honey

The quantity and combination of herbs used in our proprietary tea blends is safe to consume for prolonged use also. It is recommended to do 21-day whole body cleansing by drinking these three teas everyday as suggested. It is also recommended that you use Epsom Salt once/twice a week for your bath/foot soaks while you are consuming these three teas. It helps to aid the cleansing process by eliminating toxins through your skin which is the largest detoxification organ of your body.


Here are some more tips to help your body maintain a healthy balance of nutrients, while you are cleansing your internal system with these herbs which carry the innate intelligence of Mother Earth to support our bodies.


  • Consume Whole Grains from sources such as cracked wheat, millet, buckwheat, barley, quinoa, rye, basmati rice, wild rice, and brown rice etc.- all of which provide added fiber while cleansing. You may also prepare a nourishing soup with a mix of lentils, whole grains and some vegetables for a complete meal.

  • Eat plenty of raw organic fruits and veggies. Vegetables may also be lightly steamed for easy digestibility. Add a bowl of salad greens with some avocado to your daily diet. You may also prepare a small cup of fresh veggie juice with some carrots, beets, celery, kale, ginger and mint.

  • Good Fats Consume from organic sources such as Virgin Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Ghee (prepared by low-heat boiling and clarifying of cultured organic butter), Grape seed/ Sesame oil (for sauteing). Olive oil may be added to salads and should be added to cooked food only after the cooking has stopped, and Ghee and Coconut oil may be used for low heat cooking or sautéing. The beneficial Omega-3 fats may be derived by consuming oily fish (or as mercury-free fish oil supplements) and certain nuts and seeds.

  • Drink plenty of purified water to help to flush unwanted toxins and waste from the body. A good rule of thumb is to drink 8-10 cups of purified water every day. You may add fresh herbs like mint, cilantro and basil etc. to your drinking water for better taste as well as health benefits. Lemon and cucumber may also be used for slightly alkalizing your drinking water.

  • Consume Fiber as soluble as well as roughage for healthy elimination through regular bowels. Green veggies, lentils and whole grains are good sources of fiber in your diet. As a supplement, take 2 tsp of Psyllium Husk with 10-12 oz of water every night or every other night to help efficient elimination of toxins from the colon.

  • Use Mineral-rich Salt like Celtic salt, Sea salt, Rock salt or Himalayan pink salt to naturally supply the trace minerals to your body, which are very important for healthy cell regeneration. Also in order to preserve all the minerals in the salt, it should be added after the cooking of food has stopped.

  • Supplement your diet with natural fermented foods containing probiotics such as yogurt, kefir, miso, sauerkraut, Kim chi and temp eh etc. You may also choose to buy any good quality supplement if you do not consume these foods regularly.

  • Eliminate through Skin by soaking your whole body in a bath tub or soaking just your feet, for 20-25 minutes. Add 8-16 oz of Epsom Salt to your foot spa/bath tub to help flushing of toxins through your skin which is the largest elimination organ of your body. Your skin also absorbs the required minerals though this process and it may be repeated once or twice a week.

  • Learn to manage Stress and Toxic Thoughts/Emotions. How much we get affected by any stressful situation varies from person to person. As part of healthy lifestyle, we must learn and practice various techniques to promote relaxation in our body and mind. Meditation practice has been used since ancient times to promote relaxation and heightened awareness of mind. You may practice daily with our recorded meditation tracks to easily get the benefits of deep meditation without having to struggle to do so. The Guided Meditations may be very helpful in releasing stress form your physical body as well as helping you move through the maze of your thoughts with ease. The EFT Tapping Meditations are especially helpful in taking care of the negative emotional states that we indulge in from time to time. You may read our earlier post about “How to do EFT Tapping Meditation” to begin your practice with these tracks. Practicing short meditation everyday is much more beneficial in inculcating the habit of sitting still, rather than practicing for longer duration sporadically. Try to assign just 10 minutes of your time for daily practice with any of the meditation tracks. Over a period of time, it'll become an integral part of your lifestyle and you'll notice that you no more react overwhelmingly to stressful situations. You'll be able to experience more calmness, fulfillment and joy in your daily life.


To summarize, I'd like to repeat the old saying "Health is Wealth". I hope that this information inspires you to take charge of your Whole Wellness and my tips are helpful in supporting your efforts towards that. If you may have any questions regarding this topic, please feel free to contact at





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