3-Step Approach to take care of any Chronic Health Challenge

August 24, 2017


Step 1: Accepting the situation as it is 


Whenever, any health problem is revealed we take a lot of time to accept that it actually happened to us. Some people might say why this happened to us, others might think we can’t be so unlucky and some other may become so depressed or hopeless.
In any such situation, we must first focus all our energies in accepting it as is and stop giving any more attention to our problem.  We may accept it as some self-work assigned to us by God in order to bring about the much needed positive changes in our life.


Step 2: Taking responsibility


We must take full responsibility for our ill health, and know that we might have some what deviated from the path of good health and harmony in the past, that we are facing this issue in our present. It takes a long time for the body to develop any kind of disease, because our body’s in-built intelligence is always trying hard to keep us healthy. It is trying to bring back the balance whenever, we indulge in too much of wrongful eating or over working or negative thinking/feelings. It is very important that we try to contemplate on our recent diet and lifestyle patterns, in order to identify the things which might have slowly contributed to the development of this illness in us. 


Step 3: Taking the remedial actions to bring back the state of harmony and balance


Once we are able to identify the sources which might have been fueling our illness, we may make a list of remedial actions to be taken now. Some of which may be:


-    Making a list of dietary habits to be changed or incorporated for good health

-    Taking steps to eliminate sources of toxicity in our food/environment 

-    Staying away from toxic people/situations or learning ways to positively deal with them(we must know that we can’t change anybody else except for our own self)

-    Learning methods to take care of stress in our life

-    Learning ways to stop negative thinking and behaviors

-    Learning techniques to stay calm and peaceful(for example, if I get angry because of whatever reason, instead of  blaming others for it, I need to learn ways to let go of my anger and stay calm in any situation. No person/situation is ever responsible for our anger, they just act as triggers to bring to surface what we have within us)

-    Understanding the hidden messages that the situation might be pointing to.


Hope that these suggestions are helpful in Winning over any health challenge you or any loved one might be facing in life. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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