Kind Words....

"This course exceeded my expectations. I'm very happy with the “outcomes” as measured by my ability to deal with stressful situations. Thank You!"

- Diane B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"The first time I took the class, was nothing short of amazing. It was the first time I had ever experienced my body so relaxed and mind awake. I look forward to this class all week.

I liked the class a lot because so many different techniques were presented.  The techniques were very practical and applicable, and could be used in a very short period of time to gain results.  I always left class feeling relaxed and at peace. Thank you for having such a calm understanding presence. I am so happy I did this class.

I also took some personal healing sessions with Alka. Both the EFT sessions and remote healing sessions have been invaluable to me. My latest tapping session I was able to get clarity on an issue that had really been bothering me. When I finished the session I was relaxed and so much more forgiving to myself, and focused."

- Rachel Q. 

"I really enjoyed the meditation classes.  I liked that we tried a lot of different techniques, I really liked certain ones (like visualizing a white screen and focusing on breathing) and I feel like I will be able to use them throughout my life to help deal with stress."

- Mary M. 

"Thank you for offering the workshop and helping me to achieve a sense of peace that I can bring about by practicing EFT.

Blessings to you."             

- Hilda B. 


"Thank you for sharing the wonderful experience of 1 minute & 10 minutes meditation techniques. I enjoy doing 1 minute meditation at my desk during my office hours. Tapping  helps me to relax and makes me feel more energetic. I wish someday would attend the private healing session too."

- Richie C. ⭐⭐⭐

"I had the joy of attending a few of Alka's meditation sessions and have one of her recorded ones. The group meditation left me relaxed both mentally and physically. My stress levels as well as insomnia were miraculously gone in just two sessions. I highly recommend the guided meditation sessions with Alka."

- Sohini R. ⭐

"I have attended 4 to 6 Group Meditation sessions. Initially I was very skeptical about the benefits of Meditation. However, I noticed the changes in me from the very first session. I felt extremely rested and clear in my mind after the very first session. I am now hooked on to it and can meditate on my own anywhere I am. Whenever I close my eyes and get into the zone, I come out of it very relaxed. It has also helped me to get sound sleep. Alka teaches techniques to make you continue the meditation independently and I would recommend this to everyone.

- Sonal L. 

"Before taking Alka Khurana's Emotional Release and Stress Reduction workshop I had been curious about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) but never really felt a deep connection to it. I am often skeptical that privileged people in the Western world (like myself) actually carry valid traumas that could be benefit from techniques such as EFT. What I learned in the class is that anyone can experience pain and overwhelming reactions to things that happen in their lives. And anyone can carry that pain around with them and it can limit their ability to connect with others or participate in other joyous activities. It is our decision, ultimately, if we feel that we deserve to be happy and connect to others. If you arrive at the conclusion that you deserve to be happy and connect to others, but you are unsure of how to (perhaps it causes anxiety), then I strongly recommend this course. Fair warning though, if  at least a little bit of yourself doesn't believe you deserve to be happy, this course will be meaningless.

Thank you,

- Lauren C. 

"I benefited a lot from Alka's meditation sessions. I like the way she conducts her sessions. They helped me bring down my stress and anxiety."

- Nidhi B. ⭐

"I found the sessions very relaxing and calming. I learned some useful techniques to combat stress and calm my racing mind."

- Devika A. ⭐

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